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You can’t force luck – but happiness is no coincidence. What is happiness, though? And how do you find a happy and fulfilling life? Philosophers since Aristotle have been grappling with this question along with psychologists and other scientists. While the approaches may differ vastly, they seem to agree on three fundamental pillars for a fulfilling life:

Purpose: Humans are happy and feel purposeful if they find deeper meaning for their life
People: Being social animals, humans need contact with others that matter to them
Passion: Humans derive energy and zest by engaging with things they are passionate about

It doesn't have to be complicated

We find moments of joy in the small things. A smile from a stranger, time for a coffee and a good book, or experiencing something new with others. Small things and big projects aren't mutually exclusive and each project starts with a small step. For all those, who stay curious.

zentor combines scientific insights and new technology to serve as a mentor for a fulfilling life. We provide inspiration for small things & big projects as well as facilitation for the first step - in cooperation with the LMU of Munich and other renowned universities.

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"zentor sparked my curiosity for exciting projects in and around my area! I wasn’t aware how easy it can be to get active in my community – it feels good to engage and give something back to society."


“Moving into a new city and orienting yourself isn’t easy. I love zentor’s approach to use scientifically inspired methods to find an answer to what defines a fulfilling life and how to find it.”


"I'm lucky to be able to pursue a fulfilling profession. With my children far away, though, I look forward to meet others and get involved. zentor enables me to engage in the projects I enjoy."


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