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Inspiration for happiness

What is happiness? Philosophers since Aristotle have been grappling with this question along with psychologists and other scientists. While the approaches may differ vastly, they seem to agree on three fundamental pillars for a fulfilling life:

Purpose: We are more happy and feel purposeful if we find deeper meaning for our life
People: Being social animals, we need contact with others that matter to us
Passion: We derive energy and zest by engaging with things we are passionate about

zentor leverages these insights and combines academic research with new technologies to serve as mentor towards a pursuit for happiness. Our platform provides inspiration for small things & big projects for a fulfilling life.

Projects don't have to be complicated

Each project starts with a small step. After that, everything should centre around the topic, and not be burdened by complicated tools. Thus, our platform allows to easily launch and coordinate new projects:

Combining key information at a central space
Planing activities such as a meeting or a poll amongst participants
Exchanging and discussing, and invitating new team members easily

Small things and big projects aren't mutually exclusive - in contrast we often find moments of joy in the small things. A smile from a stranger, a new idea, or creating something meaningful with others. The biggest hurdle usuallly is taking the first step - and our platform aims to make taking it one step easier easier.

Our customers

"zentor sparked my curiosity for exciting projects in and around my area! I wasn’t aware how easy it can be to get active in my community – it feels good to engage and give something back to society."


“Moving into a new city and orienting yourself isn’t easy. I love zentor’s approach to use scientifically inspired methods to find an answer to what defines a fulfilling life and how to find it.”


"I'm lucky to be able to pursue a fulfilling profession. With my children far away, though, I look forward to meet others and get involved. zentor enables me to engage in the projects I enjoy."


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